#0006 New Year Resolution 2022 and Every Year Thereafter

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I’ve written thousands of words trying to find out if I had anything new to say on this subject. After editing and rewriting I found its truth.

May I find strength today to take another step. A step in a direction I know is progress. Then tomorrow when I report to my inner self. I can truthfully say “I am better now than I was before.”

As my inner self and I sit together in humility and gratitude, reflecting on these gifts and blessings, I will connect with that power to give me hope I can do it again. Whilst dreaming of wonders that may come.

Being human and full of faults I know I will often fall short. Something may happen that I have no control over. If/ when it does, I will do all in my power, as quickly as possible, to return to peace. Then, with a gift of self love smile and get on my way again. 

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