#0006 New Year Resolution 2022 and Every Year Thereafter

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I’ve written thousands of words trying to find out if I had anything new to say on this subject. After editing and rewriting I found its truth.

May I find strength today to take another step. A step in a direction I know is progress. Then tomorrow when I report to my inner self. I can truthfully say “I am better now than I was before.”

As my inner self and I sit together in humility and gratitude, reflecting on these gifts and blessings, I will connect with that power to give me hope I can do it again. Whilst dreaming of wonders that may come.

Being human and full of faults I know I will often fall short. Something may happen that I have no control over. If/ when it does, I will do all in my power, as quickly as possible, to return to peace. Then, with a gift of self love smile and get on my way again. 

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An LGBTQ+ writer living and working in Birmingham UK. A published writer whose new book (due Summer 2022) a memoir tells of how he as a young man in an Edinburgh slum from 1970 - 1990s fought through poverty, violent abuse, the Mormon Church, the British Army, marriage and fatherhood. Whilst all the while struggling to understand his sexuality and inner spirituality leading him to make a decision that could shatter his life and the lives of those he loves most. Will the weight of the past drag him back down? Or will he rise and triumph against all the odds? He has written short stories on of which titled 'Oh Mum' a fiction based on actual events published in an online magazine at http://shortsmagazine.com in the Summer 2021 edition. He has written a clutch of Flash Fiction, poems, a radio comedy, and has a weekly blog on his website http://www.tomgalewriter.com He lives with his partner and are engaged to be married.

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