#0008 My Awards For Heroes of 2021

Drum roll while I open the envelope.

OMAG would you credit it a three way split everyone. “Cyril be a love and put in an order for 2 identical awards so they don’t have to share.” Thank you.

In no particular order are:

Dr Jordan B Peterson

Joe Rogan and wait for it, wait for it

Douglas Murray

Three voices that in MHO are clarion voices that have cut through the cacophony of madness. Which is how I see the world.

Who am I? Nobody yet just an LGBTQ+ writer living and working in Birmingham, England. At a time where I had resigned myself to a life of living single but blessed with awesome friends. Saw a face in an online room. A face with a smile that could generate enough power to supply energy to a small town for a year beamed and caught my eye. I didn’t know his name but I felt drawn to him in a way I’d never had before. Long story short. We are stupid in love. Wearing matching engagement rings and live together and find ways to be silly. Wedding is in May and then we’re off to a new country as my well beloved business is going global. I will get to attend soirées where when asked who I am. Will point to the well beloved. You see him? I am the man behind the man. Just as behind every good hetero man there’s a good woman. Or, life will throw a curveball and we won’t. We’ll be together so either is good.

These three heroes have been a part of them because I am a better partner because of the things they have said. As they go to the core of my beliefs. I will be a better husband because of them. Thank you gentleman and keep up the great work.

Special mention to Will Smith for his interesting view and personal measure of successs. Which Mark Manson his ghost writer spoke about in his blog recently. A beautiful simple truth held deeply that touched me and moved me.

Oh come now did you really expect me to simply show it to you? You should know me better than that by now. To those who put in the effort they will be gain their reward. It may very well come to have more impact too.

Do you have your similar list? Share it with me please I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “#0008 My Awards For Heroes of 2021

  1. Ah, I’ve been meaning to read Will, because it sounds interesting, but we share the same heroes in Peterson and Rogan. I wouldn’t really say he’s my hero, but Rogan’s guests really did open my eyes up to a whole new world. I have no idea why everybody has their panties up in a twist over his COVID guests. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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