#0012 Best Interview Ever

Best Interview Ever. 

Years ago I was going through a challenging time in my life.  I was jobless. 

I didn’t like it at all. I was jobless for a long time and the indications in my grannies tea-leaves were not great. I know, I thought to myself one morning.  I’ll give myself a job.  Not one that would be recognised by those I had to report to. 

I got around that rather easily as it turned out. I found a more important person to report to.  I got in touch with my inner self. 

My approach was going to be one of deep humility and gratitude. As I believe these are characteristics valued highly on the whole. 

I decided to keep it very simple. 

Tell Them Why I Am Attending.

Explain What That Means To Me

Thank Them For Allowing Me The Time To Explain. 

On the day we met up I was filled with mostly positive emotions and thoughts. I’d rested and hydrated and had gotten my comments with only the words that felt right.

We hadn’t met for many many years and I’m sure we had both changed. So no talk about the past. 

I chose this; Going for  not too familiar nor distant tone and feel. Honest in the moment 

“You don’t know much about me as we’ve never really been formally introduced.  I’m Tom and I’m excited to be here today.  Thank you for accepting my invitation.

Currently I am jobless. I need to change that.  I have what I think is a radical not often used solution.  

I have given myself a job.  One that I have given a lot of thought to and seek your approval of. 

My job is to put a smile on as many different faces as I can manage from now until I die. 

I do this because I have become convinced that there isn’t a face on the planet that cannot be improved by a smile. A theory that I have tested in a variety of conditions. (Details can be provided on request)

My inner self didn’t say anything but they glowed in what I believed to be loving approval. 

It was one of the defining interviews of my life. 

So now when I’m asked what I do.  I whisper I’ll tell you as long as you promise to keep it to yourself.  Deal?  

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