#0015 My Life’s Soundtrack

Last year wasn’t the greatest in many ways but is was my first year as a writer. I’ve written a lot during that time. My first novel (a memoir) is now in it’s final(ish) edit. Around 30 or so 500 word Flash Fiction pieces. A radio play, poems, lyrics and melodies for a future project and a few short stories one of which was published Here Now I know from speaking to other writers there are a number who like to write in silence. I’m not one of those. Music is like my life blood in many ways. It helps me to focus. It uplifts and inspires me. I keeps me in a really good head space where ideas dance around my head to the beats that are being played. Then I had an email from Spotify informing me they had produced a list of the tunes that I played most during 2021. You know what as lists go it isn’t half bad. As long as you liked House and Trance music. So I thought this could be something that my readers may be interested in so I have provided you with a link below. There are 100 tracks and to listen to the whole thing would take about 5 hrs. It is also another way of me experimenting with new content. Figuring out how to make it all work smoothly. Giving you plenty of time to click on the Like button. You might even take a moment and let me know what you thought. I do assure you that all comments are read and I’ve already begun including them on the home page. My head is bursting with new ideas all the time so do keep popping back and have a mooch around. (full disclosure I may move some of the furniture around) One final thing to mention. This is a Spotify list (Other music streaming services are available) To play it you will need to have a Spotify account of your own to enjoy it.

Music, like books are very subjective, so some of you will love some of it, others will hate some or all of it and others might just shrug as it pales in comparison to theirs. Good, bad or indifferent it would be great to know what you think/ feel.


I Don’t Have Spotify.

I am working on a solution to this. I will put a notification on my social pages when it is ready.


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