#0018 One More Step

Socrates shortly before his death, is quoted as saying “The unexamined life isn’t worth living.” nearly 2,500 years later it is still being quoted. It seems like it is as enigmatic as he was. I believe this. It is in fact one of my core beliefs.One that was born of trauma and nurtured by pain and loss. I came at it from a different angle than others. I came to know its value by understanding that my examined life mattered. I should point out that I was blessed with a rather unusual circumstance for me to do so. I won’t say too much as it is one of the big themes of my forthcoming memoir this Spring/ Summer.

After decades of examining I wouldn’t be so bold as to say I’m an expert at it, but I don’t suck at it either. My examining lead to knowing what mattered most and that gift has given my life meaning. It has also brought the greatest love I have ever felt from the most wonderful and complex man I have ever met and I can’t wait for us to get married.

My examining comes at a cost of being ecstatically happy and utterly terrified at the same time but I’ve learned to embrace it. It keeps me feeling alive. It fills me with gratitude. It gives me strength to take one more step and see what happens next. When I find out I’ll write about it.

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