#0023 A Quick and Easy Recipe

Hello all you lovely people following my writing adventure.

On a FB writers forum there is a lot of talk about food and drink.

So here is one of my favourites for you.


We are not all blessed to be cooks. Most of us don’t have time to spend hours slaving in the kitchen. We all like to eat great tasting and delicious food. 

When I cook, I don’t tend to measure ingredients unless it’s baking. After many baking failures from not measuring I now measure precisely. Most of the time I can sort of guess and throw in a pinch of this and smidge of that. The trick is to keep tasting until it tastes great. 

Often I’ll take a recipe and then change it to suit my taste. 

Keeping it simple with just a few ingredients works well with me. 

On a writing forum I am a member of on Facebook the question of food and snacks comes up often. 

These are a couple of my favourites. 

Veggie Muffin

I like to make a batch of these and keep them in the fridge. They are fast, healthy and high in protein. You can add any type of vegetables cut into small pieces. I’ve found red peppers, spring onions, or a handful of spinach are all great but you can try things out with whatever veggies you like.

You make these in a muffin pan. 

Heat the oven to 350 degrees F or whatever is the equivalent with your oven. It’s like medium high heat. They are cooked in about 20 mins. 

I’ve found on average 1 egg will be enough for 2. So I get half a dozen eggs and mix them up with some diced up veggies or even a bit of leftover bacon. 

Get a knob of butter and use your fingers to smudge it in each of the muffin cups in your tray.

I mix my eggs up in a measuring jug as it makes it easier to pour into the cups. 

A few chilli flakes with some sea salt for seasoning.  Even a dash of hot sauce if you like that.

Just let them cool in the muffin tray before getting them out. 

Let me know if you like and how you made it your own.

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