#0030 The Floating Point That Is The Question Why Do I Write.

A blog by Tom Gale 4 Jul 2022

This is a quick review of a question I see asked a lot on a FB for writers that I am a member of and on my twitter feed. I identify as a “Pantster” a term used to describe a style of writing that is shall we say a deconstructed version of writing. Where a writer writes by the seat of their pants. It is not a style that suits every writer but it is a great fit for me. 

Whilst I may not have a body of evidence in the form of books. I have always been a storyteller. I’m a pretty good story teller (ref can be provided) My Mother and to my great surprise my Grandmother whose influence upon me at a young age shaped the first iteration of me. It is one of the themes of my soon to be released memoir. That reshaping of oneself through self love is one of the wonders of the Universe. So this is a way of honouring that amazing blessing and a remarkable woman who produced a child that to this day is my hero. Another theme in my memoir. Heroes aren’t myths, they live among us and may even be a close relative. 

I think to help you understand why I write it is useful to briefly touch on the “I don’t write…” column in my mind. 

I am not writing to make money. I’m no lover of money. I live a modest life and those things are not high on my list of priorities. 

I am not writing in the hope it will provide some catharsis to begin to heal ancient wounds. I have cleaned up after myself in all situations dealing with things as quickly and quietly as possible. My choices will have consequences. Some seen others not. If I have made a wise choice my observation is my ability to clear up is sharpened. I don’t clean the dishes, tidy around where I might have been cooking and fluff the cushions to make my partner feel guilty. I do it because I like the feeling of peace and calm I feel when I get up in the morning. 

I’m not writing to get even with those I see have done me wrong. I worked through all of my stuff and am at peace with it. 

I don’t write for fame. My life is overflowing with riches of love, friendship, laughter, empathy and compassion. My mental, physical and spiritual health is given regular check-ups both regular and irregular. However if fame and its accoutrement are granted me I have plans to ensure I spend it wisely. 

Those of you who have been following my writing will know that I only began writing full-time just over two years ago. During that time I have shared my thoughts on why I write. Interestingly (and part of my adventure in writing) is that idea/ concept/ understanding isn’t a fixed point. I am not the same writer as I was two years ago or even six months ago. As my understanding of myself as a writer grows and matures, the reasons why I write change. 

I know without doubt that I am a much better writer now than I was a few months ago. My goal is to become the best writer that I am capable of. One of the techniques that I use it to set myself writing exercises. The genre/ style that is the best fit is 500 word Flash Fiction. Or the telling of a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. With at least two characters that are fully realised. Ideally containing dialogue and sense of place and there is an arc of development with the characters. If you can put a twist at the end that will get you noticed above the others. All that in 500 words or fewer. 

Some challenges I have given myself recently was writing a story around one of those people who have to make a fuss when they are on the same aeroplane as you when you 

are going on holiday. 

A person that I think of as a comedy genius is Victoria Wood. Could I take a sketch of hers that most people (who like her stuff) are familiar with but give it a Tom Gale twist. The sketch in question is “Welcome To The World of Sasharelle.” and I have changed it to “Welcome To The World of S&M.”  Celebrating my fetish that I told you about it in a previous blog. 

Both pieces I have edited and I’m really pleased with the results. 

I am now writing to produce pieces that I consider good enough to enter into various writing competitions and to take with me when I am visiting Writing Festivals this Summer marketing my brand and on the hunt for “my editor” That special individual who will love my book and will work with me to give it good going over to make sparkle and shine. Making it ready for publication. All of which is part of my Marketing Strategy. 


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