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Never let it be said that I don’t bring you variety. This is something a bit different but it grabbed me and I went with it and found something special. Hope you get something from it too. If not let me know what you would like me to write about and I’m do my best to make that happen for you dear reader. I am here for you.

Shri Krishna

Krishna I believe is a diety worshipped in Hinduism. Krishna is believed to be the eight carnation or avatar of Vishnu The Supreme Diety.

I am not a Hindu but I have accepted friends on my Facebook page who are. So I’m listening and learning much.

I find it fascinating that all over the world the symbols of ancient truths vary but at their core they are synonymous.

Is the reincarnation of a diety any more weird than God being made flesh and becoming Son?

To my Scottish ‘ears’ these words have a sweetness and lightness that sits well with me. I didn’t expect that.

Now as I understand it Shri Krishna refers to the self or what I most often term ‘the inner self’ I believe that active listening, finding quiet moments to breath or sip tea, think of loved one’s and close friends are a portal that may lead to ‘the inner self’

Remember this https://tomgalewriter.com/2022/02/28/best-interview-ever/

I think that explains it more clearly and has a context not too abstract to tie it to. A job interview.

This was another new word to me kaliyadaman

This is an ancient myth or legend of how Vishnu fought against a vicious and terrible many hooded serpent Kaliya.

Or more precisely the mount of Lord Vishnu Garuda the arch enemy of all serpents. Had years before banished Kaliya.

Kaliya knew something about Garuda that meant he didn’t mind being away for a bit he could concentrate a while on his family.

He knew a sage cursed Garuda that he would meet his end at Vrindavan. So Kaliya took his family to the banks of the river near Vrindavan and slithered around with his family keeping watch or maybe had sentries of creatures with ears. Spewing poison into the waters to make sure that he would not be interrupted by nosey neighbours asking personal questions.

Time passes and Krishna a form of Lord Vishnu is playing ball on the banks in that spot. The ball goes into the water. Krishna not heeding the warning of the water being poisoned dived under to get the ball back.

Immediately Kaliya takes advantage wrapping himself around Krishna and trying to pull him deeper in the poisoned waters.

Krishna fought and spun Kaliya around grabbing his tail and mightily pulls Kaliya to the surface and with the weight of the Universe and playing the flute Kaliya realises that this is no ordinary soul this is Lord Vishnu.

His many wives and he himself plead with Krishna to please spare his life promising never to torment anyone again.

Krishna does indeed forgive the dreadful Serpent who has now realised the awful error of his ways. Krishna did put a provisio on Kaliya’s redemption he would go back to Ramanaka Diwan and never return to Vrindavan.

What a lovely telling of the ancient struggle of Diety and horrific beasts who try to destroy them. I’m reminded of Herecles and the Hydra. George and the Dragon. David and Goliath are others that spring to mind.

Overcoming The Monster being one of the seven universal stories.

According to quantum mechanics – we are all connected and the chaos of life itself brings about our so called existence in this world.

This ancient myths and legends of Overcoming The Monster may be the memes of the collective unconscious. So memes come and go but the ones that mean more to us and touch us in a deep and meaningful way remain perhaps even for millions of years.

It is a hope that our monsters. Addiction, lying, cheating, slaves to our passions, mental illness, disease, loss, pain, suffering and so forth can be overcome.

I’m not saying I’m right. In the words of Foghorn Leghorn “You’re way off son. I say, you’re way off.” I’m just trying to make the best sense I can just like others.

There’s something that speaks to accepting responsibility to your monsters. Did they appear from thin air? If not then how?

Those are two questions that I spent the best part of four years of my young life trying to answer for myself. It is one of the themes of my WIP a memoir of that time and after. It is reaching a very excited ting stage but I want to get this as right as I can. This is so important to me. Things are moving and changing so quickly it’s enough to make most peoples head spin. I have my loving family and close friends to speak to to stop that happening.

In a few weeks I think I may be ready to reveal the title of this memoir. Access to the latest edit of my “Elevator Pitch” and maybe even the first chapter if the feedback from my team of beta readers give me the feeling I can or there’s maybe a little more work required.

My latest edit of a 500 word Flash Fiction. 40 mins to write first draft. Approx 10 hours for worthy finished product. I wouldn’t change a moment of it though. I am no stranger to hard work. I have been thriving on my own company for the majority of my adult life. My imagination was ignited as a child and the wonder spark was never put out in me as it has in so many.

Oh what a great title for a future project right there The Wonder Spark.


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