#0046 List of Albums produced on or after 2000

List of albums included in the top 100 best albums of all time produced on or after the year 2000.

Does anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many?  I’ll tell you this much, not as many as you’d think. 

Would you be surprised to know that the number is a single digit?

It surprised me. 

Here is the list

Artist Album Released Genre
Adele 25 2015 Pop, soul, r&b
Adele 21 2011 Pop, soul
Eminem The Eminem Show 2002 Hip hop
Norah Jones Come Away With Me 2002 Jazz
Britney Spears Oops…I Did It Again 2000 Pop
Eminem The Marchal Mathers LP 2000 Hip hop
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2000 Nu metal, rap metal, alternative metal
The Beatles 1 2000 Rock

Eight Albums, however only six artists with Adele and Eminem both with only one-word names scoring double-whammies. 

It is a very diverse group of genres. Everything from Nu metal. I haven’t a clue how it differs from old metal and why Nu has an odd spelling. What can I say?  The US and UK. Two great countries are divided by one language. To a bit of cool Jazz and everything in between.

With only two countries hogging this pie. The US with 62.5% (five albums) and the UK with 37.5% (three albums) 

One could say that all of these albums are older than any living person identifying as Gen Z. 

You could infer that all the greatest music ever written by any group was produced before the year 2000. 

However, hold on a minute. I forgot something. 

In the list of top-selling albums of all time. From 1945 – 1984 a list of twelve albums. Half of them are musicals. 

Most of them were penned by the outstanding duo of Rogers and Hammerstein. Lerner and Loewe make their entry with My Fair Lady based upon George Bernard Shaw’s novel Pygmalion. 

Selling two million records way back in the dark ages of 1956. A trifle compared with the 1982 Album that sold over thirty-five million records Thriller by Michael Jackson. The biggest selling album of all time. Interestingly it was MJ’s sixth studio album. Produced by the leg end himself, Mr Quicy Jones ladies, gentlemen and others. By Epic records. 

Epic started in 1953. They were part of Columbia at the time. They started to promote records that weren’t in their wheelhouse. Jazz and pop are among them. It is currently owned by Sony. 

May I be so bold as to say? That anyone using the word Epic and NOT referring to music. Especially Jazz and pop. That is offensive to my ears. It isn’t very respectful at all. You are IMHO,, and others are available misappropriating the true meaning of the word Epic. 

You could say that Thriller is the most epic of all Epics records. 

All albums included on this list have their available claimed figures supported by at least 30% in certified copies. The percentage of certified sales needed increases the newer the album is, so albums released before 1975 are only expected to have their claimed figures supported by at least 30% in certified copies. However, newer albums, such as 21 and Come Away with Me, are expected to have their claimed figures supported by at least 70% in certified copies; this is because more music markets instituted certification systems after the 1980s and 1990s.[a] Certified copies are sourced from available online databases of local music industry associations. The certified units percentage varies according to the first year an artist appeared in the charts.

As a result of the methodology that the American and Canadian certification-awarding bodies (the RIAA and Music Canada, respectively) use, each disc in a multi-disc set is counted as one unit toward certification, leading to many double albums on the list—such as Pink Floyd‘s The Wall and the BeatlesThe Beatles—is certified with a number double the number of copies sold there. Such albums have the certifications for the number of copies (not discs) shipped indicated. Conversely, the American certification level for double albums that fit onto one compact disc, such as the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, reflects the number of copies sold. In 2016, RIAA included streaming in addition to tracking sales and album sales based on the concept of the album-equivalent unit for certification purposes, and certification, therefore, no longer reflects shipment alone.[1][2] For example, in the update of the certification for Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) by the Eagles in August 2018, the album was certified 38× Platinum (increasing from the previous 29× Platinum certification in 2006) based on the new criteria, making it than the album with the highest certification in the United States.[3]

The UK went with a number between the US and Canadian standards and flexed with each year. Or at least that’s what I’ve uncovered so far. 

So as the US appear to have the most reliable system. We will defer on this occasion. 

As this is a dynamic Wikipedia page, reserve the right to change our minds as and when will give us the biggest advantage. 

What?  It needed lightening up it was all getting a bit too serious. You know I won’t take anything too seriously unless there is no alternative.  

If you’ve made it here, you deserve a little thank you. So here is a link to a youtube clip of the top 100 songs of all time. You’ll never guess who’s number 1. 

Click here to find out

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