A New Year Wish For All Of My Lovely Followers and Future Readers

Happy New Year to you all.

I wanted to do something special for you to express to you just how much it means to me to have you on this big adventure we’re about to begin together. i

So I have an audio file for you with a New. Year wishes to you. all.

We here at Tom Gale Writer HQ have been working all the with ours to come up with a calendar of a variety of activities that I hope will keep you me and will be something that you will get a lot out of.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback on my content to keep you with me on our big adventure.


.Until we meet again, stay safe.  Look out for one another.

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An LGBTQ+ writer living and working in Birmingham UK. A published writer whose new book (due Summer 2022) a memoir tells of how he as a young man in an Edinburgh slum from 1970 - 1990s fought through poverty, violent abuse, the Mormon Church, the British Army, marriage and fatherhood. Whilst all the while struggling to understand his sexuality and inner spirituality leading him to make a decision that could shatter his life and the lives of those he loves most. Will the weight of the past drag him back down? Or will he rise and triumph against all the odds? He has written short stories on of which titled 'Oh Mum' a fiction based on actual events published in an online magazine at http://shortsmagazine.com in the Summer 2021 edition. He has written a clutch of Flash Fiction, poems, a radio comedy, and has a weekly blog on his website http://www.tomgalewriter.com He lives with his partner and are engaged to be married.

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