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With the political landscape in turmoil. Inflation rampant. The cost of living and fuel bills are rising. Strikes threatened by the major unions. It is as if we are reliving the dark days of Scotland’s history in the 1970s.

It would be easy for us to become anxious and depressed by all this bad news.

I came across this week as I was researching on the interwebs.

List Of Countries By Wealth Of Adult

It is dated September 2022 and is sourced from Credit Suisse’s annual global wealth databook and the OECD’s better life index.

Wealth includes financial and non-financial assets—listing countries by mean wealth per adult in US dollars.

Various statistics are used by Credit Suisse, such as real estate prices, equity market prices, exchange rates, liabilities, debts, human resources, natural resources, capital and technological advancements which may create new assets and render others worthless.

So who would be your top three countries?

Top Three Countries

Mean wealth is the total aggregate wealth divided by the number of adults.

Location. Population. Mean wealth

Switzerland. 7,003,000. 696,604

Luxembourg. 504,000. 657,564

USA. 251,779,000. 579,051

Were you right about your top three? Are you surprised by this data? Want to know where the United Kingdom is? Care to guess?

It is 16 on the list.

United Kingdom. 52,562,000. 309,375

Did you guess right or in the ballpark?

It is behind Australia and New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, Norway and France, to name a few. Germany is 19. Japan is 22. The United Arab Emirates is 32, and China is 40

169 to 171, or in other the bottom three are

CAR. 2,226,000. 980

Burundi. 5,559,000. 809

Sierra Leone. 4,045,000. 799

A complete list can be found at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_wealth_per_adult.

So when the doom-sayers pile on the bad news and scare us into believing how awful things are, remember by this measure, we rank 16 in the world.

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