#0064 – The Alarming Reality of Poisoning Girls in Iran

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The Alarming Reality of Poisoning Girls in Iran 

The practice of poisoning young girls in Iran is an alarming reality that has been happening for centuries. Even though the Iranian government has outlawed it, this form of gender-based violence continues to be a significant problem in the country. In this blog post, we’ll explore why this is happening and how people can help put an end to it. In some parts of Iran, parents are forced to marry off their daughters at a young age. This is often done without their daughter’s consent and can lead to dangerous situations for her. If a girl resists or refuses to marry her chosen partner, she may be subjected to physical and emotional abuse from her family or the man himself. In extreme cases, she may even be poisoned to “teach her a lesson” or punish her for not complying with their wishes.    The effects of poisoning on girls can range from long-term health problems such as kidney failure, brain damage, and blindness to death in severe cases. Sadly, these cases are becoming more common due to the lack of laws or enforcement around them. Although it is illegal according to Iranian law, there are still no mechanisms to stop this form of gender-based violence. 

How We Can Help End Poisoning Girls in Iran 

One way we can help bring an end to this issue is by raising awareness about it and educating people about the dangers associated with it. By informing more people about what’s happening and why it needs to stop, we can pressure the Iranian government to take action and enforce existing laws regarding gender-based violence. We should also support organizations working towards ending this practice through advocacy and providing legal aid for those affected by it. There is no denying that poisoning girls in Iran is a serious issue that needs attention now more than ever before. We all must do our part to spread awareness about this issue so that we can help put an end to it once and for all. By increasing public knowledge about what’s happening in some regions of Iran and pushing governments worldwide to take action against gender-based violence, we can ensure that no girl will ever have to endure such brutality again. Well, that’s it for another week. Remember to hit the like button and subscribe straight for future posts to go straight into your inbox for future publications. 

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