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A Quick and Easy Recipe

Hello all you lovely people following my writing adventure. On a FB writers forum there is a lot of talk about food and drink. So here is one of my favourites for you. VEGGIE MUFFIN We are not all blessed to be cooks. Most of us don’t have time to spend hours slaving in the […]

A Tomalogue by Tom Gale.

A new LGBTQ+ writer in the UK Definition of Tomalogue: A story from my life. A play on the word monologue. Brace yourselves. I’m trying something new today. A couple of weekends ago I made a little video. Just unloading some of my thoughts and feelings at the time. This time I’m going all audio […]

30 April

Back in 1789 on this day George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States of America. A while later in 1897 J J Thompson a British Physicist who went on to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics announced on this day that he had discovered the electron. Not long after […]

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