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A Research Side Street Uncovers A New Perspective on The Puritans.

A blog by Tom Gale. A new LGBTQ+ writer. Salford, England Aug 2022 On a research break recently I was checking my twitter feed. There were comments from trolls. Whom I’m reliably informed live under the sparkly bridge leading to twitter lovely land. That aside, the trolls target was Andrew Doyle who if you remember […]

Mingalar Par

A blog by Tom Gale a new LGBTQ+ writer in Salford, England. Like many people I have lived most of my life with only a casual relationship with the phenomenon known as Social Media. However since becoming a published writer I recognise that it is necessary evil. A tool that I must master to aid […]

My Thoughts on Manchester Pride 2022

I realise that Pride and Manchester Pride in particular is not everyone’s cup of tea. However if that then means that some of them express their views quite strongly and is only about pointing out the faults and failings and really had no suggestions or thoughts that are constructive and helpful then don’t read any […]

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